You and Primary Sources

Part of classroom with teacher. Prairie Farms, Alabama

Part of classroom with teacher. Prairie Farms, Alabama

Post Written by Anne Bell, director of UNC TPS

What’s your connection to TPS?  Are you just starting to discover what the Library of Congress has to offer? Have you dipped your toes into the Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS)-UNC’s professional development offerings? Or are you one of our regulars, digging deeper each year, finding new resources and ways to bring them to your students?

Regardless of your experience with primary sources, we invite all K-12 educators to explore, learn more, and help your students soar*

Here are some ideas:

  • First, bookmark our website (we’ve just launched this new, refreshed site) and check back regularly – we’ll be posting events and resources regularly with this TPS-UNC Update feed, AND you’ll be able to quickly access the Teaching with the Library of Congress blog, which is published several times each week (they’re gearing back up after the government shutdown) which highlights resources, strategies and relevant topics from the Library of Congress website.
  • Watch for workshops offered FREE from TPS-UNC, listed under Events on the website. Also, if you’re not on our mailing list for notifications, please sign up by contacting  Our Level I overview, Essentials Exploration, is your entry point into additional workshops. Read more on our site.
  • Continue to explore the Library of Congress website (taking small bites), including resources on the Teachers Page,, and primary sources in various formats off the front page

*For real poetry – and songs – related to specific eras in US History, including background information, check out Lyrical Legacy at –  great resources for social studies, language arts or music teachers!


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